Speaker Date Topic
No service project at Loaves & Fishes this month Jul 24, 2018
none Jul 31, 2018 5:00 PM
Fellowship tour Longwood Brewery

Tour of Longwood Brewery 2046 Boxwood Rd, for 1 hour, followed by dinner at a restaurant

Craig Gillis Aug 07, 2018 6:00 PM
Governor's Visit

The Purpose of the Visit

  • To reinforce the connection between the Club, the District and RI.
  • To provide information from RI to the Club and obtain information from the Club for RI.
  • To get acquainted with the Club; particularly its service activities in the local community and internationally.
  • To help celebrate the Club's success in its local community, in the District, and internationally.
  • To motivate and inspire Club leaders and members to participate in RI programs and to provide service to their communities and to the world.
  • To provide support to contribute to the success of the Club in all avenues of service.
  • To recognize and promote outstanding contributions by individual Rotarians.

Leadership Meeting

Prior to the Club meeting, the DG and the AG will meet with the leaders of the Club to review the Club's Planning Guide and to obtain specific information requested by the DG.  At this meeting, the officers of the Club may raise questions or issues which they want to discuss with the DG.
The AG will work with the DG in making arrangements for the meetings and will accompany the DG to all meetings. 
If time and schedule permit, the DG would like to visit Rotary community projects in the area before the Club Meeting.

Meeting Protocol

The DG, his partner, and the AG are guests of the Club.  The Governor's presentation is the program for the visit meeting. Please do not schedule any other program on that day.
The AG will introduce the DG.
The Club officers may ask the DG to perform a new member induction, to award a Paul Harris Fellow, or to make any other special presentation.

Please make every effort to have all active club members attend this meeting.  Invite spouses, partners, and guests as well.  Where possible, the DG would like to meet young people who are guests or members of Rotaract and Interact Clubs.

Flags and Anthems

District 5020 is an international district, and the Governor represents the entire District. Please ensure that both U.S. and Canadian National flags are displayed, that the playing of both anthems is part of the meeting (Click here for the words to each anthem). It is appropriate to have copies of anthem words available at the tables.

Annette Noble Aug 21, 2018

Annette is a school principal in SD 68

Loaves & Fishes Food Bank Service Project Aug 28, 2018
Peter Sinclair Sep 04, 2018
Loaves & Fishes Community Foodbank
Theo Boere Sep 18, 2018
The Men's Centre

The Men’s Centre is a welcoming and inclusive community in a social landscape where men are honoured as they face the challenges of a shifting culture. We are devoted to developing tools that can be used by all family members to educate for compassion, mutual respect, and  the celebration of our common humanity.

Theo is one of the founding fathers of The Men’s Centre and is the Executive Director. 

Loaves & Fishes Food Bank Service Project Sep 25, 2018
Tarita Davenock Oct 02, 2018
Travel for all wheelchair program
Loaves & Fishes Food Bank Service Project Oct 23, 2018
Loaves & Fishes Food Bank Service Project Nov 27, 2018