A mass takes place on Saturday July 20 at St. Peter's Church at 11 a.m. for Isabella Gagnon who died earlier this month.  The 7-10 Club started in 1985 and spent many of its years in the basement of St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church on Fitzwilliam Street 

When her family moved to Nanaimo in 1991, Gagnon began to volunteer at the 7-10 club, which started in 1985 as a response to children going hungry in the community.

Starting out as a fill-in worker for a friend that was a cook, Gagnon was elected chairwoman of the society two years later, and stayed with the non-profit for 16 years.

Her initial inspiration to join came from a friend in town that was living cheque-to-cheque and would often go without food.

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